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Default Updating Pro Tools


I currently have Pro Tools 9 and am in need of updating since no plugins support it anymore. I don't currently have an update and support plan and have a few questions:

1) When I upgrade to Pro Tools 12 from Pro Tools 9, how will it impact projects I am currently working on? I use a lot of virtual instruments and other plugins. With those been impacted and no longer work with the updated version?

2) I am a homeschooling parent and use Pro Tools for some educational purposes. Does this qualify me the teachers discount?

3) When there are further updates will that impact plugins and virtual instruments that I am using in my projects as well?

4) I have some FX plugins that were working with Pro Tools 9 using RTAS. With those plugins that I paid for no longer work and need to be replaced with new ones that I need to pay for again?

5) Will I need to purchase a new iLok when going from Pro Tools 9 to 12?

6) is the 1 year plan $390.00 every year? That is a lot of money for software that I already bought for around $800 just to keep it updated.

Thanks for your help,

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