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Default Re: anyone using Protools on an SSD?

Originally Posted by oreo1 View Post
My new iMac with lion has two internal drives: a solid state drive for all the apps and a big eSATA drive for docs. Everything loads and works really fast, except Protools. It loads OK, but takes 2:30 to load a session. Once the session is up and running, it is very stable and very fast.

I'm just trying to figure out if the problem is the SSD, or something else.

Try holding shift whilst opening a session! This will disable all plugins, see how quickly it loads now! This will tell you if it's a plugin that's causing the lag or if it's the actual session and audio that is causing it. My money is it will open quickly without the plugins and it's probably an old or out of date plugin in your folder and that is loading into the plugins cache.

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