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Originally posted by tom_mac:
try to pan each horn around (subtly) to put them in a good space.

I find that "breaking up" chords across the stereo field gives you a great sound.
<font size="2" face="Verdana, Arial">I have to agree with this. In fact I recently mixed each of the fourteen tunes of a 28 trk big band according to their harmonies. Each different. Rather than placing the brass L and reeds R (which I did on a couple of tunes), I opposed harmonies. Example: If the bass bone harmonized with the bone for most of the tune I panned them opposite. This usually allowed me to oppose the tenor and alto as well as the sop and trpt's harmonies and split the flutes and pan all across the spectrum as they harmonize with the opposite side. It worked for me (and the band/artists love the mix too), but I always hated the way big bands were mixed (50's & 60's) with rhythm and solos on one side and the horns on the other. This is my first big band mix so I'd love someone with serious big band mixing chops to listen to these as it hasn't been released yet. (No pay, but I'll buy ya lunch)
In LA hopefully.

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