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Default S3 vs Two S1's

Curious why new buyer would opt for S3 over two S1's - my pass at pro's and con's:

Display - S1's have tablet meters and other display functions while S3 has led meters in surface of controller

Modular/Expandable - S1's with magnets are modular and can go larger than 16 tracks

Price - 2 S1's are cheaper but iPad Pro choice gets it closer to total price, no tablet or small tablet - much cheaper

Number of Encoders - S3 has 32 encoders with two independent rows and two S1's only 16

Buttons - S3 has more customizable buttons

Pre's - S3 has two mic pre's

Size - two S1's are 4 inches narrower than S3

Quality - both seem the same and have current modern design in line with Dock.
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