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Default Re: Compact 32in16 stagebox for S3L-X?

You're certainly right, but having half of the inputs/outputs on the back really sucks. Even accepting that, we're at 4U, 40cm depth (Stage 16) vs. 3U, 21cm depth (Behringer S32). Not considering 4.5x the price.

Oh, and even when mounting two Stage 4 back-to-back in a 4U rack, you'll have to route the power cables out of one of the rackmount ears - ugly. The again, I would probably ammend the stagebox rack with a small 1U UPS system anyway so I could route the power cables from UPS to stageboxes internally. That would make 5U then vs. 4U, with additional depth compared to S32.

I love the S3L-X concept of a very compact surface plus engine, but AVID didn't really drive this concept home with the stage boxes.

PS: oh, and where is a 1U 8/8 interface for FOH? :)

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