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Default Re: Tracks for remote artists

While there is likely several ways to handle this, here is how I do it:
1-Create the track on my PT system
2-Bounce as a stereo file(from zero) and name it with the bpm(such as "songtitle_110BPM")
3-Upload to the other person with other large file sharing like dropbox).
At the other end, that person imports the audio file into a session with the tempo set to match(hence the BPM number). When they finish their contributions, there are a few ways to get the files back onto your system for mix. Just make sure they either bounce from zero, or consolidate the track(s) back to zero(and then, Export Clips as Files). Paying attention to the tempo and consolidating back to zero means that importing audio will always line up.

An addendum to steps 2&3 above: you could bounce as MP3 and email the file. When the other person imports to their session, it will convert to wave. Since they are not going to send back the original track(the one from you), any conversion degradation won't matter as its simply a reference track(but have them send you a wave file, unless audio quality is not very important to the final destination).

BTW, this method works, no matter what DAW is used by either person.
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