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Default Re: 10.3.10 v 10.3.7

Originally Posted by songman View Post
I'm running 7. Pretty fine, but have the regular "running out of memory" warning and a few crashes now and then. Is it worth it to go to 10? More stable?


Run Activity monitor > memory usage. all the time

Details here...

And when PT shows 3GB or just above then run memory cleaner app...

Some processes don't release the memory after use and it builds up to levels that exceeds PT's ability to run without error messages. but running activity monitor and viewing the memory usage you can see when its approaching the 3GB area then clean. PT can usually go to about 3.4GB but after 3GB it can show errors.

I found some plugins will use memory when opened and won't release the memory back for use, so memory cleaner will release this un-used memory back to the PT pool etc

PT MAC Troubleshooting...

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