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Default Re: PT 2019.5 plug-in efficiency

Originally Posted by Ray Lyon View Post
Thanks for your responses... can anyone else contribute to this?

I don't want to upgrade OS if I don't have to. I've already noticed a huge difference as to how much more efficient 2019.5 is on Sierra than 2018.12. Not much difference in spread over CPU threads in the CPU meter but sessions that required 512 buffer (because of multiple VI's) now work super smooth at 256 and 256 at 128.

This is a significant upgrade for PT HDX in terms of native plug in efficiency on MacPro 5,1 2010 era cheese graters. Also, plug-in insertions on the fly, snap to clip insertion... a great upgrade for someone like myself... bravo Avid!
Something to keep in mind and to ask about is how did people do their OSX upgrades? Did they do it the 'Apple Way' and install over the top of whatever OSX they had? Or did they do a clean install of not only OSX but also PT and all plugins? Often the latter clean install of the existing OSX along with reinstalling everything else will give performance boosts and clean out gremlins Installing over the top (aka 'in situ') of oSX can and will lead to all kinds of weirdness and performance issues.
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