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Default Re: Tracking/Mixing Acoustic Guitar as Part of Rhythm Section

IME with 57 on an AG it sounds best less the 4 inches from the strings at about the 12th fret angled slightly toward the body depending on the guitar. I prefer LDC's or SDC's if the AG is featured.

Mixing with an electric to get it to mesh is mostly about the arrangement (which part of the sound of each do i need when and where) but once i've got that then i make a guitar bus for some compression glue and/or saturation and a send from that bus to a verb/delay or both can really help to make them sound in the same room.

Often i am using automation on the volumes and eq's so that one or the other moves forward a bit while the other lays back then switching them, again depending on arrangement.

If im just using the AG as a source of percussion/beat i tend to add high shelf and subtract low shelf which sounds terrible but works well in a mix.
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