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Default Re: New CLA Plugin - Looks Very Cool

Originally Posted by fsilano View Post
I agree it's pretty great plugin overall but there are some things that are not all that great as well.

The good: It sounds very good. The comps and eq are great and very easy to tweak. It is good enough as a stand alone channel strip to pay the asking price. The Bucket View makes it easy to tweak comp and eq in "groups" which is a similar workflow to a console - at least for me. I have about 30 tracks going on a current mix and only around 45% CPU and Memory usage. Still very responsive.

The bad: Bucket View is *only* good for tweaking comps and eq for a "group" of channels in the same window. There is no mute-solo, limited pan, and the biggest thing for me is no actual grouping functionality. This forces you to have to dance between the plugin and the DAW to tune in these operations. One work-around I have been playing with is to buss/submix/stem groups of tracks like vox, guitars and drums where you have a number of tracks that you wish to process together. This is more for mixdown but it helps with tracking too as things can get complicated quickly due to the whole no-grouping/no-mute-solo issue. Also - why only 8 channels in a bucket? This is limiting if you regularly end up with say 10-12 tracks of drums, vox or guitars. You end up having to split them between several buckets.

What I would like to see in the future is:
- An "All Channels" view. This would really be a time saver for folks like me who mix-on-the-fly - i.e. I build my mixes up as I go.
- Increase the number of tracks in a bucket and use a scroll bar.
- Add the mute-solo and full panning to the bucket view.

I'm sure Waves will improve this plugin as time goes on and they have a great starting point. I am looking forward to more usability improvements.

I read in an interview with CLA a month or two back. is that he wanted Solo and Mute options, but it's a DAW thing. Apparently there're seems to be no way to get the plugin to communicate to the DAW regarding Mute and solo operations.

It's something he still seems interested in implementing, we just might be waiting for the DAW developers to make the accommodations available.
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