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Default Re: New CLA Plugin - Looks Very Cool

Originally Posted by simon.a.billington View Post
I find that every few years or so there is a paradigm shift in audio processing where there is an increase in quality/features of the software we use, but it has always come at a cost. This is no different from some of the other developers creating some very demanding plugins as well. I believe Slate is one.

Can anybody back me on that??

I've noticed the same trend. I first began noticing it with VIs. Lately it seems I'm always hitting up against CPU limits with any number of plugins. The better VI's, for example, hit the CPU pretty hard. Omnisphere is a good example. Great VI, no question, but definitely a hog on the CPU. So is Synapse Audio's Dune 2 and Dune 3. The trade off, though, is they sound so great! There's others like that as well.

Now, it seems, we're seeing the same thing with processing plugs, like the CLA Mixhub. Great concept, and I do like the sound I can get from it. But, I am limited for now on how much I can use in any one session. I have to make judicious use of track freeze and rendering etc to free up resources.

Of course, I'm more vulnerable to CPU limits that many others because my system is a bit outdated (kind like its user!). I'm sure when I finally upgrade to a newer system with more recent and faster CPU and such, that things will be much better.

It would be nice to have the developers say that on, say, a Win-10 64bit system running "XX" cpu at XGHz, we had no issues running X instances of this plugin. Or something like that. At least it would be a guide as to what to expect.
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