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Default Command8 faders

Originally Posted by MusicMadness View Post
Hi guys, I have a feeling that my faders are working louder than they suppose to. I bought this unit used and it's my first hardware controller ever and so initially I wasn't sure how loud should they work but comparing to some youtube videos I they actually are, especially in initial phase of movement. Besides, pressing Opt/Alt + touch affects setting channel level to +0.2 instead of 0. It's. not a big difference but I wonder is there anything I can do with it?

When I got my C|8 I was surprised how loud the faders were when they moved too.

Nothing was wrong but when I made steep cuts to automation they do slam around quite a bit

My Icon does the same thing but not quite as loud - I think avid should put some kind of soft stop mechanism for faders so that these types of sounds are minimized.
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