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Default Data Restoring from a formatted RAID-0 Drive

Hey all,

This is a storage question and I apologise if this might not be at the right side of the forum.

I was tired from long sessions, under-slept, scarred from battling with a tantrum-generating 2-year old and I goofed up like I haven't before:

I currently keep a backup drive of everything. I use both CCC (Carbon Copy Cloner) and Chronosync (for different tasks). System drives, SFX drives, etc., all stored in a different drive. One kept at the home studio and one at the work studio.

I have two 8TB RAID-0 drives that contain(ed) all my music libraries, VI instruments data, NI Kontakt Libraries, loops, etc.
One of the RAID drives from the backup drive failed and I was trying to resurrect it.
I decided to format it, use Carbon Copy Cloner and make a new backup from scratch.
I had my main drive connected and in my tired state of being I formatted the main drive.
Know I am left with nada.
It goes without saying that I haven't used the drive for anything else and it right now sitting blank at its stage right after it was formatted.
It has also been formatted in an exFat.

And here are a couple of questions:

Do you guys know of any Data Recovery software that can "see" the folder structure in its original, pre-formatted state to restore it in it's entirety? I have tried a couple apps already and they seem to recognise the data but bring them back in folders arranged by data type with nondescript names.

The fact that is was formatted as exFat, does it meddle at all from the previous HFS+ Journaled stated?

I am a dubbing mixer & sound editor, so my bread and butter is not in music making. So, it is not something urgent. Still a massive loss.

If anyone knows something concrete please do share it with me.
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