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Default S3L + Motu monitor 8


I wonder if anyone else have tried to connect the Motu Monitor 8 AVB interface with the S3L and get it to work?

I tried and ended up with that all parts could be seen in the Motu web interface and was able to get sound from a Avid stage box input via AVB into to the Monitor 8. But it was like digital distorting and I could not found any way to get the pre fader pick point on direct out to work as my goal was to use it as an personal monitor mix system for example in-ear. Then the musicians could set their own mixes from ipads. Similar as the Pivitec but a lot cheaper... Only thing you need is the Monitor 8 and perhaps a AVB-switch.

After som thoughts I decided to install the patch (or what it is..) from Pivitec on the E3 as they have a product that works. It looks like it installs 4 AVB streams on the E3 that seems to be the direct out points from the console. And after that I could also see the direct out patch in the Monitor 8. So then I was able to get a signal pre fader out to the Monitor 8. Stil it was digital distortions. Tried to change clock sync but stil the same.

I heard that Motu is working on this and that there would be a solution out this fall, have also tried to contact them but no answer yet.

Anyone have any suggestions why it is distorting? I mean all boxes is set to 48k sample rate. Do you think the problem is in the Avid products or the Motu? I mean Pivitec has got it to work with AVB connections so why not the Motu. I also used the Pivitec AVDECC controller and could se all boxes, both E3, Monitor 8 and the AVB streams that the Pivitec installation put there. Was also able to change sync from the AVDECC controller in the monitor 8 box. So all program talk to each other.
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