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Default Re: Pro Tools Quicktime Server (Not Responding) 11.0.3 Mavericks

PTHDn 11.1.2 and I'm also having Quicktime_OPServer going red in Activity Monitor. Actually there are two duplicated processes in my case. Both red. AVE is normal.
I don't have major video problems, but today I noticed (50min project/CPU15-20%) that PT went very unresponsive. Starting PT again fixed this, but after some time slowness came back. That's why I opened Activity Monitor.
Normally PT11 has been very stable and responsive for me.
EDIT: I made more testing with a same session. It (red) doesn't happen all the time after re starting PT. First I thought that this slowness has something to do with this OPServer error, but maybe that's not a case.
EDIT2: There haven't been any slowness in other sessions, so QT server didn't cause that. Still QT goes not responding in Active Monitor with every session. But without any effect.
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