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Default Re: Pro Tools Quicktime Server (Not Responding) 11.0.3 Mavericks

Originally Posted by Craig F View Post
Please try the new 11.1 update
Just registered to get on this thread!

Just tried V11.1.2 and still cannot play video.

I'm seeing the same activity monitor message i.e. Pro Tools QT server not responding when I tried to bounce a video clip to QT to see if that would play.

The Avid Video Engine is loading, I've had no joy playing any video files, even files that did play in V10.

I'm using a mid2009 MBP with 8GB of memory and (damn) Mavericks installed, so border line spec I admit, but I did expect to be able to play back a 3 minute H264 file with a couple of audio tracks.

Has anyone got any work around for this?
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