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Hyperthreading is normally OK.

What exact problem do you have now that you are trying to solve? What performance problem or exact DAE error numbers do you get?

Who/what said that about Hyperthreading (was in it an error message?) and exactly what was said? Very rarely disabling Hyperthreading may help with some problems, but I would normally run with it enabled.

If you are having problems start at the "Help us Help You - READ THIS Before Posting!" link above and describe you system in detail and exactly what you are doing and what is going wrong. Run a Sandra report and post here if you are on a PC. And describe what you are doing (what type of session, number of tracks and what plugins and hoe many instances etc.). And all the third party plugins and versions installed (just installed in Pro Tools, they don't even need to be being used to cause problems). And what are all the playback engine settings. We need to know what CPU model and clock speed is in the computer, waht disk drives make/model/specs and which drive is the boot/system drive, which drive is the dedicated audio/session drive and where any VI samples are installed. Exact OS type and version and exact Pro Tools version (and if HD or not) and the interface you are running with and it's driver version.

The number one cause of instability in Pro Tools is likely improper setup or bugs/incompatibility with third party plugins. Pay attention to basic things like too small IO buffer size, improper disk setup, lack of proper systems optimization. (see that link above).
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