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Default Re: MD3 and Brickwall Limiter - How to prevent bus clipping?

Originally Posted by rantanplan View Post
Hi there
When I use MD3 and Brickwall Limiter one after another on a bus, I have to lower the output of the MD3 and add gain again at the limiter input stage. Otherwise the bus gets overloaded. But this approach reduces the resolution - is there a better way to daisy-chain these plugins?

Or is the Pro Tools bus so high-resolution that it doesn't matter when the MD3 is driven less "hot"?

I'm using PT 8.1.1 on HD 3 Accel

Any plugin will have to have a level of at least -0.1db or ideally -0.2db below -0dbfs when feeding another plugin or going out of a channel or aux. providing you do this nothing should peak or clip etc.

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