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Default Issues with 003R

I've had my Digi 003r for a couple years now, and its worked fine the entire time. Then, I sit down to do some tracking, and Pro Tools will only load as far as "DAE loaded" and then it goes into "Not Responding". In addition, the rack does its normal relay clicking, but then the entire front panel lights up and none of buttons are responsive.

Pro Tools will register when I don't have the Digi connected, but will still not load with it plugged in. I have tried a firmware reset, but because the MIDI light stays lit up (along with the rest of the panel) I can't be sure if its reacting to it.

Any thoughts?

Windows XP SP3
Pentium Dual-Core CPU
E5200 @2.50GHz
2.49 Ghz, 3.25 GB RAM
Maxtor 1TB Hard Drive (2)

Pro Tools LE 7.3
Digi 003R
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