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Default Re: Monitoring Cue Mix Through D-Command/XMon?

Originally Posted by Brent_Sydney View Post
Actually, I think the most elegant way to use the Xmon in this situation is to use the headphone output from the main unit itself to monitor your cue mix. Then you're hearing it in cans, just like the talent, rather than through your mains which will be a diff colour.
just my 2c
Yes, that would be fine for commerical recording sessions, where there is only the engineer that needs to hear the cue mixes, but not for a teaching situation where a number of students would need to hear the cue mixes as they are being setup.

Brent, do you know if this is an actual hardware limitation of the internal XMon routing, or could it possibly be fixed in the firmware? Is there any way to make a request like this to Digidesign?
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