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Default Re: Monitoring Cue Mix Through D-Command/XMon?

Yes, and I will obviously have to use one of these workarounds to make it work.

I really just wish it would have been designed properly in the first place.

Is it a limitation of the hardware routing within the XMon, or could the functionality be added through a firmware update in the future?

Has anyone at Digidesign looked into whether this is possible?

It would be great for example if you could choose cue1 and cue2 as alternative sources for the control room stereo inputs (without having to externally split the cue mix and physically feed it to a stereo input), in the same way you can select the Main mix as a source for the cue1 and cue2 outputs.

It is really puzzling as to why this was designed without being able to easily monitor the cue mixes in the control room, all the monitoring signals go through the XMon, it seems very bizarre that the cue mix to control room routing was not implemented within the XMon.
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