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Default Re: Protools for Composing/delivering files for scoring projects

Originally Posted by buckman View Post
Right, thank you for your clarification!

I am just weighing up whether to buy PT in order to whether I will need it or not.

Can you just clarify what you mean exactly by ''checkerboard stereo stems''?

Thank you!
Wait until you need it. Try a demo. Your usage of Pro Tools wouldn't require more than an hour or two of learning, so save your money until a project demands that you have it.

Checkerboard mix delivery is where cue 1 is on track A, cue 2 is on track B, cue 3 is on track A, 4 on B, etc. This is really handy when the outgoing cue needs to ring-out, and the incoming cue needs to come in at a radically different level. When you look at the two tracks, they are "checkerboarded" black clip, white space, black clip, white space, and the inverse below.

Checkerboard stems are where you do the same thing but cue 1 is on 10 tracks, and cue 2 is on another 10 tracks. Advantage here is that the mixer could use 2 music VCAs to control the A and the B of the checkerboard. And then if you needed more detail, the mixer would spill the A tracks.
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