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Default Re: Protools for Composing/delivering files for scoring projects

As a mixer, I like getting the music as a Pro Tools session. It's not required, but it's convenient. Often I'll request checkerboard stems, so the first cue is spread out over 5-10 stems, and the second cue is on another set of 5-10 stems, A/B checkerboard. Makes mixing easy, makes it easy to address client notes ("can the horns come down and the percussion come up?"). These are mixed stems, so usually there are no plug-ins and very little volume/pan automation.

But you can achieve the same thing with flat WAV files across the whole program. I often work with composers who use Logic, and you'll find that the WAV files coming from Logic have the right timecode start in the header, so you can use Spot in Pro Tools to have them fall into the right place.

Some composers use Pro Tools as a dubber, so they might have dozens of Logic songs, but as they work, they record into Pro Tools, automatically assembling all their cues into one session.

Many different ways...
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