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Default Re: Issues with FireWire on Digi 002 Rack

Originally Posted by sw rec View Post
"Well, did you read the rest of what I said? The fact that this unit did not work on XP or on Mac OSX either? XP is not 64-bit (at least the version I used) and the Mac I tested it on was connected to a Standard Digi 002 and had no trouble."

Sorry, you're clearly frustrated, but we're just trying to help. There was no mention of the fact that you tried it on a 32-bit XP platform. You might be at that point where bench-testing will just make you even MORE frustratedand it would be best to let Digi have a look at the unit.Somewhere posted on the Digi site, though, is a an explanation of what the LED status means. These things are self-diagnosticto a degree. (Been searching for it, but still can't find it.) Curious...what's the letter at the end of the serial number?
Sorry about bring snappy, just this thing has been frustrating me a lot. I could of had it repaired last summer for $250, but now the price jumped up to $350 so I am perturbed at that. The serial ends in F which means that it is one of the units with the Power Harness problem. That has already been replaced twice but the second time it did not help. I can't find the info about the LEDs either but I do remember seeing an article of that nature before
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