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Default Re: Problem changing optical format from ADAT to SPDIF on my 003

Originally Posted by mallanikkelsen View Post
Hello there

I have a ProTools setup consisting of the following:

ProTools 12 and the 003 hardware surface.
Running on a windows 10 pc intel core I-9900K 3.6 GHZ CPU 32 GB of ram.

I have connected the 003 through firewire and generally everything works perfectly. except that I cannot seem to get any sound though the optical output port on my 003 though to my surround sound preamplifier. What I basicly want is to be able to monitor the stuff I record in ProTools on an input in my Preamp via the optical output on the 003. I have tried changing the optical format in the hardware setup menue from Adat into spdif optical format, however I am simply not allowed to. I am not getting any error message, the setting simpley just reverts back to adat. The same thing happens when trying to swich clock source from internal and into something else. Only internal seems to be allowed. I have Checked the setting on my windows system, so that none of the inputs/outputs on the 003 are any of my default audio devices, as I have herd that this could cause a problem. They are not, so that is definitely not the issue.

I wonder if anyone inhere has an idea as to what I can try?

All the best from Allan
Are you trying to actually mix in surround or stereo? If stereo, I get your logic of setting Optical to SPDIF for 2-channels, but the receiver may only work in 5.1(or 7.1) over optical connections. Re clocking, the 003 can only clock from an incoming digital connection(or wordclock) so its most likely that the receiver clocks to the incoming digital signal(why Internal is your only clock source option). Also consider, to get audio out of the 003 via digital, you must create paths in the IO Setup(not sure how knowledgeable you are on that).

My 2 cents: using a home stereo as a monitor system is probably not going to work well(if at all) and I highly recommend "real" studio monitors. If money is tight, JBL LSR305 or 306 are way better than the price suggests
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