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Default Pro Tools 2019.5 some info please!

Firstly, this is a user forum. The only answers you’re going to get to your question are at best, informed guesses. You’re not talking to the people that designed or coded the software.

Secondly, if you want an answer from a user who’s been using this software for over 20 years, here goes. PT is VERY old codebase. There are many things I wish it could do and wish it would handle better, but my honest opinion is that the codebase is so old that anything they try to do causes them serious issues or is virtually impossible to do. Bundle that with the the fact that they have to deal with the enormous elephant that is HD hardware, and you have a very complex beast.

The software needs to be rewritten from scratch and be agile. When will it happen? Who knows. The perfect opportunity was with v11, but it didn’t happen then. Will it happen when the Mac OS stops allowing 32bit software to run this year? Maybe. Or maybe they’ll find away to port what needs to be to 64bit without having to rewrite everything from scratch.

What they needed was 2 teams running concurrently. One maintaining and updating the current version and one working on the new version. If it took 5 years, so be it. It wouldn’t have mattered. But to do this requires resources. Not sure if you’ve seen AVIDs financials, but they’re far from flush with cash. Apple they are not.

Anyhoo, hope that helps shed some light on why you’re experience is what it is. Honestly, if it doesn’t work from you, then switch. There’s absolutely no need to stay with PT if you find something like Cubase suits you better.

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