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Default Re: Pro Tools 2019.5 some info please!

Originally Posted by Cutlerbri View Post
Pepepan, perhaps no one is answering you because your question is a rhetorical one: "Why is it so hard for Avid to improve Pro Tools?"
You might as well ask the question "why are all you stupid people still using using Pro Tools?"

If you like Cubase, Nuendo, or any other DAW, go use it. They're very good. You don't need Pro Tools to cooperate with other studios. I just sent off a client's WAV stems to be mixed by a guy on Logic. My last client's project was mixed on Reaper.
Hey Brian,

No its not a rhetorical one.
I don't know anything about code and honestly want to understand why Pro Tools doesn't evolve faster. Nobody wants to enable record while playback? I'm not bringing any cubase-PT battle here, its just a comparation to make an example. And for SURE im not calling anyone here stupid!

I havent found a professional answer about it, just want to honestly understand!
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