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Default Re: Playback Engine Settings Do Not Persist having similar issue

Originally Posted by maalikanderson View Post
I have a mackie fx 22 mixer and protools 12 is not reading my mic input. I went to my i/o settings and did the delete and default process but still I get no input signal I have the correct interface option on and have it on stero mix and no read for mic input.
I connected my foursite interface and the input reads fine I use my mackie for logic so I know all my inputs work. I perfer to use my mackie mixer for protools instead of my foursite.
How do I fix this problem?
What exact operating system? What exact driver do you have installed for the fx22? ... Start at “Help us Help You” up the top of every DUC web page and try to provide the type of information asked for there.

What “mic input” are you talking about. What channel is that on the Mackie? How exactly are you determining this is not working? Not seeing a waveform? Now hearing anything when monitoring though Pro Tools? Is anything recorded when you play back? Is Pro Tools working at all? Able to play back prerecorded content when connected to the fx22? If you are monitoring though Pro Tools is track input monitoring enabled? (If that makes no sense Google track input monitoring with Pro Tools).

It may be your question has nothing to do with this thread? Or is there a specific reason you think it does?

Are your trying to run PT 12 on macOS on Mojave?

Post screenshots of your IO input/output/bus pages and playback engine page.
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