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Default Re: -9093 stops are killing me!!!!!

Was that suggestion to install the HD driver for 12.3, or was it to install it for 12.4?

I've got this whole slew of things I go through when I start getting the spiking. I believe there are several causes and at least as many manifestations of the spiking thing. Mine's gotten tons worse in the past 6 weeks.

Mostly a PITA, and a last ditch effort is to uninstall UAD Apollo and manually delete stragglers before re-installing. If I get to this point, this fixes it 3 times out of 4. A UAD Hardware Reset has worked a few times. Escpecially if it starts making that clitchity noise.

I tooo have my wireless off. Sometimes I have to get something online. I've discovered that running CC-Cleaner about a dozen times with the network active. Then a time or two on the registry. THEN I reboot and launch PT with all of the plugs NOT in the proper file. I let it open and close like that, put the plugs back and re-start PT. Normally I am good at that point. I turn wireless off and start being a music creator instead if tech-support.

I think there are a couple of other things I do as well. More with making sure there are no ghosts in Device manager to further confuse the works. eg - I run USB. Turning off the Thunderbolt entry helped me once. Thanks to this thread or one similar, I now know I can uninstall App Manager. That's up next.

I should probably compile and get tips from fellow duc'ers to compile an unofficial list of things to do. Also get a list of utilities that are always running that we do not need to have on. Lots of stuff running on 10. Anything to help us out.
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