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Default Re: Interleaved audio 7.1.2 ch order messed up on import

Originally Posted by Branko View Post
I'm trying to import some interleaved files mixed in 7.1.2 configuration into my session, and no matter what I do, the channel order is always wrong.
In 7.1.2, the channel order should be L,R,C,Lss,Rss,Lrs,Rrs,LFE,Lts,Rts. When I check the interleaved file using Wave Agent, it shows that the LFE is really on ch8, but it gets imported to ch5 instead.
Has anyone experienced anything similar?
Hi Branko, never seen that. In a 7.1.2 SMPTE channel order, the Lfe is on the forth position and on Film mode in the 8th position. The height channels are always after that. The channel order you describe is not right, assuming is Film mode, it should be L,C,R,Lss,Rss,Lrs,Rrs,LFE,Lts,Rts. Anyway, where was the file exported from? I think is just a metadata/file extension issue and Protools is not interpreting it well on import, despite Wave Agent showing the Lfe in the right place.

Paulo M
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