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Default Re: moving pro tools sessions to an external drive

Originally Posted by musicman691 View Post
Assuming all your sessions are self-contained and don't reference any external audio just drag the folder for each session to the external drive. Being an external drive OSX will just copy over everything in the folder(s).

Then you can delete the sessions on the internal drive once you're satisfied the sessions on the external work okay.

Another option and one I've not used is to do a 'save copy in' and point it to the external drive. But you still have to delete the session on the internal drive.
Thanks,,, this was my first Mac and first Pro Tools so my file management started out poorly (that's my excuse anyways). I'm looking to clean that up now and hoping that I can move the scattered session files all into tidy individual song folders under "PT Songs", then let the system automatically find then relink when necessary. I like your suggestion of leaving a legacy version of the folders/files in place until I'm certain everything is working well in the new configuration... maybe even place that legacy version on the SSD as an archive version, then I can go ahead and delete the one on the Mac drive.

thx again
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