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Default Delay Compensation broken

setup in my sig...
I set my buffer @ 64 samples, monitoring through Pro Tools with a track record enabled but not recording, delay compensation @ Long or Maximum, and set up a 48 bar loop. TLSpace or DVerb (doesn't matter) on an Aux insert, in my case Aux 1 being fed by buss 1-2. Run the loop...about 25% of the time when the loop ends and loops to the beggining the input to the Aux track goes full gain, and a HUGE explosion sound will drive the verbs into maximum distortion and totally peak out bothe the aux meter and the mix buss. I almost blow my speakers out when this happens...I also have had to change my shorts once or twice...

Serriously it's a very bad thing...if I was overdubbing vocals this way and set up a loop to rehearse to, I could deafen an artist or give them a heart attack.

Can anyone confirm this? Am I doing something wrong? Any work around if it is a known bug?
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