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Default Re: Which motherboard/processor for pci cards?

Originally Posted by breakie View Post
Hi Ray,

indeed you have to watch out for the pci slots!!!
they have to be next to each other if you are planning on using more then 1 protools card! (otherwise the flexcable will be too short)

As stated in my earlier post, I'm running on an x58 (1366) chipset.
The Gigabyte board I tried was not very stable with more then 8 Gigs of ram...
The Asus PT6 Deluxe 2 has no problems!

Another thing to consider is your graphics card!
Mine (ati5850) is 2 slots wide and if inserted in the first pci-e it covers the first pci slot...
BUT lucky for me, it also works in the last two slot

Hope this helps.

PS I originally switched from a MAC G4 (for the same reason as you) to a Supermicro Mobo (server) PC and updated that one this week...

Im now in the same position you have been in... I have been running my pci-x HD2 system 192 i/o on a Mac G5. My mac died, and "they" want me to buy a new mac and HD2 system pcie for $15 000. Iv had my system for five years, but feel that it should last longer, when it still has alot of working power/dsp. I have buildt a pc.

My system is windows 7 (64 bit), i7 , and my mobo is asus P6T WS with two PCI-X slots, 12 GB Ram.
Graphic card: Nvidia fx 580 (Avid approved)

My problem is that after installation of pro tools 9 HD, the system cannot find the core card. the driver dont whant to work!!!:-/

Is there a connection between my problem with the core card beeing pci-x, and that my system is 64 bit?

Is there someting Im missing?

You have suceeded with your setup, do you have any idees for me?

Best regards KRM
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