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Default Re: Check the box before buying Fast Track Version of PT Essential!

If you do a search for "Fast Track" at Sweetwater, you will see both of these listed. The original "Fast Track USB" and the new "Fast Track" (which is also USB). If you take a look at the pictures and specs, you can see the difference.

The new Fast Track model comes with Pro Tools M-Powered Essential included.

The new bundle named "Pro Tools Recording Studio" at Best Buy includes the previous model interface, the "Fast Track USB" and also includes Essential software.

I'm not in marketing, so I don't know whether Best Buy is planning on distributing the new Fast Track as well, but they don't have it listed at this time. I also wasn't asked if naming 2 different USB interfaces "Fast Track USB" and "Fast Track" might confuse anyone, or I would have perhaps ventured an opinion.
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