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Default When to let it go????

Newbie here... (pre-apologies)!

Just wanted to get some general feedback on what others consider acceptable (or not) to let the project get out the door.

First of all I have the procrastinating perfectionist trait/skill , so hurrying up and letting it go less than perfect does not come easily. Here is where I am coming from in more detail.

For examples: The overall cut with all tracks may sound great to me but, if I solo an instrument track where elastic audio stretched and shrank time a bit - I can here a little wobble and some slight messing with pitch. Or if after using melodyne to move a vocal up on pitch or change some phrasing (being more creative than just snapping to correct pitch), I can hear the effect when soloing the track but, all the vocals and music together sound great to me. etc. etc..... you can add many more examples like this .. great as a whole .. less than perfect solo'ed. And to be clear, I am not talking about large issues when soloed.. just things you know are there.. but, don't stand out when playing all tracks back.

Now here is where I am going with this....
I have been doing the tracking, editing and pre-final mix/mastering steps to prepare the tracks for shipping off for some industry respected / professional named mix/master team to do (mostly for the name association but, they are really good also and it would be good to have other ears on it at this point).

My request for feedback is based on sending the pre-mixed product to an outside mix/master team what is an acceptable amount of "letting it go" or whatever this is called in the industry? What would a mix/master process expose downstream from my examples above?

I realize the answers here may vary and that is fine... just trying to find some best practice to work to/from. I do realize and have made all efforts from the start to 'get it right at the source'; and the performances during the tracking phase have been great. Its just me trying to understand just how perfect others shoot for in order to get it out the door with great "radio/retail/review" quality, within a reasonable time and money budget and get it out the door without over doing it/themselves.

Thanks in advance...
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