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Default HD Process to Accel Exchange vs. Mix to Accel Exch

I realize this may be getting old as I remember watching/reading these events unfold in this very forum. I didn't make the jump to Accel from my current HD3 system(I was an early adopter of HD from my previous Mix3 system)the first time around in part because my Control 24 had some issues which unfortunately put the board out of commission for a while-during the first exchange period. Throughout all of this, Digi Tech Support was just amazing(Thanks again Mark and Vicki!!!).

I was surprised as I'm sure most of you were to see it's return. I'm also very surprised(understatement...) to see the current exchange program for Mix users wishing to go to Accel. When I compare the Mix3 to HD Accel3 price to that of trading in 2 Process cards for 2 HD Accel cards I find that the difference is around $1,500.00. I would assume the "value" of the HD Process cards are worth more than the value of the Mix Process cards(no offense to you Mix owners....). And I realize the HD Process to HD Accel exchange does give you the Impact plug-in.

So, does that mean the HD Core card's value is only around $1,500.00?? It's seems(almost..) that the Mix to Accel Exchange is a much better deal than the HD Process to Accel Exchange is. Plus I believe the Mix trade-up also includes free plug-ins. Wow!
I'm beside myself. I realize the Exchange program offered by Digidesign is a great thing for it's users who wish to upgrade to the lastest technology offerings(myself included) and I realize some see it as a way of protecting your/our investment. I'm just having a hard time understanding how my HD3 system has depreciated below that of a Mix3 system. Unreal......
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