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Default Re: Anyone else hoping for HD exchange extension?

I have a working HD system. It works great, and it's so much more powerful from the now dinky mix system.

You need to get off your ass and do your homework. Stop complaining and playing the victim to Digi's evil corporate ways.

I'm loving my system and making big bucks with it. My mixes sound better, I have sooo much more DSP, and it NEVER crashes.

The digital i/o was never in the upgrade options? So what.

Buy a Unitor interface. It works with Logic when it comes. Which isn't too far away (and btw, OMF transfer into Pro tools with Logic 5 works for the time being, but I understand lack of Logic is holding people back).

My new dual gig Mac is gonna work great with OS X and Pro Tools.

iLok was a pain, but now it's working. I have almost all my old auths still on floppies, except the paid upgraded plugins. Every plugin I use except Sans Amp is working in HD.

So have fun with your mix system.
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