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Originally Posted by Southsidemusic View Post
S3 still is a whole other animal. S1 is replacing the ARTIST MIX/Control NOT the S3 so why do you keep thinking a 5000 dollar unit would be the same quality as a 1000 dollar unit i.e. S1 ??!! What did you think the reps would say - No donít buy the S1 cause itís a low budget product which it is ... period!
As a fact they stated that the knobs, faders, displays have been upgraded in the S1 to the same as those in the dock and s3. Not unusual to upgrade parts while developing new product.

The higher price is also influenced by S3 having double the faders, double the encoders and oled displays, more programmable buttons and the two pres with avb interface and of course whatever they think the market can bear.

I am personally drawn to the s3 (dock and mix owner) as for home project user 16 is the max faders I need and the S1 tablets will interfere with monitor display view and I can get the meter display with the dock and I personally like the meters on the controller. And I really like the two rows of encoders to have immediate access to two plugins or plugins and sends at same time. Also maybe the S1 release may drop the used prices on s3ís.
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