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Default Re: pro tools set up?

Originally Posted by 2ndgear View Post
Ive been offered a pro tools set up that consists of using my PT12 mac system with getting 2 x 192 interfaces
Its for my home studio that i have drums, guitars (mic the cab), bass (DI & Mic) set up all the time so full time there is 24 tracks in use.

My question is - do i need a desk or can i use everything in the box?
ie - i plug everything to the 192 and use protools to monitor, set up headphone mix, add plug ins preamps etc etc or would i be best getting a desk???
Looking at this, I hope you have an HDN or HDX card. The 192 cannot connect directly to the computer without one of these cards. Assuming you do, then you can do most anything in the box. I agree that some kind of control surface will help your workflow and there are lots of options at lots of price levels. Here's a few:
Presonus FaderPort(old style) 1 fader, but under $100 used
FaderPort(new version) closer to $200(1 good fader can do a fine job writing automation)

FaderPort 8 or 16(lots more faders, but priced to match)
Behringer X-Touch(8 faders) for around $500
Artist Mix(used-around $600)
If you can hold off for a while, I think we might see new stuff from Avid in the near future(Artist series are getting old). Personally, I am hoping for something like a smaller(and cheaper) S3
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