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Default Re: There are two kinds of Pro Tools sessions...

No. This isn't a fix. This would be an annoyance.
People are either competent or not.
Save session copy already exists.
Copy on import already exists.
The Workspace already exists.

The person receiving the file sounds as incompetent as the one sending it. It takes about 5 seconds to see if the files have been sent correctly (either from the Workspace of the session or choosing to manually relink.)

A colleague of mine who is one of the top Hollywood re-recording mixers tells me that his guys are up all night before a Bruckheimer mix
I don't buy this as I've worked on a lot of Bruckheimer films and this hasn't been the case because competent people are hired -- who know what they are doing with transferring files. Not to mention, the dub mixes have people from each department on the dub stage delivering the files or running their "feed" systems to the re-recording mixer. So, yeah, I'm calling BS.
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