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Default Re: Eleven Rack help. Dislike tones!

Originally Posted by Darryl Ramm View Post
What Mackie speakers? Low power monitors are going to seem to totally suck if you are comparing to a live loud guitar amp in a room.

What guitar and exact pickups? Going straight into the Eleven Rack guitar input? Or via any pedals?

What type of tone/emulation are you going after?

With the Marshall cab, be sure to try turning off the cab emulation.

If you are outputting into a single cab check you are sending out mono, no stereo effects in the rig.

Start simple, get rid of any effects, find an amp sim and cab sim combination close to what you want and play with that by itself for a while and see if you can get a decent basic tone. If not try some different different am/cab sims. But also be willing to sick an EQ or parametric EQ at the end of the rig chain and tweek that.

Be careful of diming the guitar sim and thinking it does not sound like an equally dimed actual amp... it likely does (lots of folks, or the artists they are trying to copy, maybe don't dime the actual valve amps like they think they do).
Currently tonight was playing a 2008 Gibson Les Paul studio with stock pickups. Straight into the 11r. Usually play my 1998 Parker Fly Deluxe with stock DiMarzios, but I have to restring it.
I want, mainly, some John Petrucci tones. And Angus Young tones and Mike McCready tones and Steve Vai tones and Satriani tones. But even the Satch presets don't sound all that great. When I roll off the volume, it doesn't clean up. It just poops out. I am so frustrated. I just spent $1400 on Sweetwater for all this and I'm so unhappy with it. and the effects in it suck so it wouldn't even be worth using it through the effects loops of my Blackstar/Mesa cab set up, which always sounds great.
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