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Default Re: Guitar fx on your iPhone/iTouch/iPad from IK!

Originally Posted by herrieman View Post
That is odd. Marco Aicardi from IK Multimedia mailed me (on 30 april) that it will be released the 3rd quater (in Europe).

More over last Saturday IK multimedia stated on their facebook: "We expected to be able to ship June but it looks like it will be more end of July or Beginning August...there is also a nice surprise regarding AmpliTube that goes with the StealthBoard release so stay tuned..." I found the confirmation of the 3rd quater already a BIG surprise, #%&&! !

Please put this kind of info on the Stealthboard website and change the delivery from soon in to an actual month.

What is the reason for the delay???

Musicians First????????? Then send me the Manual of the Stealthboard in pdf so I can start buying the right adapters and connections.

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