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Default Volumes are unsuitable for playback

I am using a external firewire Nautlis hard drive with my 002rack 6.7 and a G-5 mac.
Suddenly when I tried to open some sessions that were on that hard drive I started getting a window stating
"Audio files are on volumes unsuitable for playback. Would you like to copy them to a suitable volume?"
I have tried the yes button.

Then I get a window stating that I

"need to choose a folder".

When I do choose a folder then I get a window stating, "Drive #4 is not an audio plyback folder".
Drive #4 is the drive that containes the files. I have also gotten a window that states it will automatically find and link the files but it can never find all of the files.

I have tried many times everything that I can think of, but no success so far.

Has anyone ever had this problem?

Does anyone have an answer for me? Mylar
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