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Default Re: What y’all think of my vocal tracking template

I have record 1,2 lead 1,2 hook1,2 ads 1,2 and in & out1,2. All with

R DE esser -- pro q2 -- r compressor --- auto tune on every channel. That all goes to my vocal bus with

R d esser -- tg12345 ---avid lofi --- rvox ---- bx mix eq --- cla vocals plugin.

Just my opinions(so please take it that way):

#1-why do people track with Autotune? How is a singer supposed to control their pitch when a plugin is second-guessing them? Using it during a mix to correct pitch or create an effect? Now that makes sense to me

#2-2 de-essers? Are they NEEDED? If so, I would look at changing microphones, pop filters or mic positioning. I do pop/rock/country/latin and probably use a single de-esser about 25% of the time(and 2 of them once in a blue moon). Having said that, the wrong mic, wrong placement or bad singers can certainly require lots of help

As for the rest, if it gives you the results you want, then it can't be bad Just don't get in a rut where you treat every vocal the same(when the song might need something quite different)
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