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Default Re: ProTools LE 8.0.5 - DAE can't get audio froms drives Error 9073 w/ MBox 3 Pro HEL

Originally Posted by albee1952 View Post
Personally, I would buy a new WD Caviar Black drive and swap it for(or add it to) the Seagate. 2 reasons here. 1-maybe(and its a big maybe) the Seagate is on the way out(which can happen with any drive at any time, no matter how new), and 2-you should have a backup anyway. Back to the FW driver, for me, the Legacy driver never worked(but I run a DIGI003). The TI Compliant driver is my choice(and worth a try).

Grasping at straws a bit, but I might also try a new FW cable(having had 1 fail for no apparent reason). Any recent software installed? New plugins? What happens if you open a session while holding down the SHIFT key(which will make all plugins inactive). If THAT allows the session to work okay, then you likely have a rogue plugin.

I do have external backup drives. I am going to try creating a new session on a backup drive, and if that works without error, I will try moving one of my sessions to the same drive and see if it still gives me the same error. I did read that the Seagate drive I have (1 TB Audio) does have a pretty high failure rate. If it is HDD related, a new drive is pretty cheap.

I did try switching the drivers to the compliant but still got the errors. I think my next step will be a new FW cable. I will also try the holding SHIFT upon opening a session too. I have a feeling my drive could be going, there are no other signs of it failing, but with HDD's you just never know. I do thank you for your suggestions and taking the time to reply, and will try the things you mentioned.

One more thing, should this be HDD related, is the WD Caviar Black better drive than the Seagate I am using? I just want to get the most reliable drive other than Solid State.
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