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Default Re: Elastic Audio and Trashing Prefs

Originally Posted by blastula View Post
I know now to trash prefs whenever somethings going wrong. All kinds of little weird malfunctions are correctable by trashing prefs....right?

Today, I was using Elastic Audio, had changed the tempo and done some warping....Then proceeded to change a guitar track from Polyrhythmic mode to X-Form....and the track just defaulted to it's unelastic state...Undid and redid numerous times. Same result. Then, trashed prefs, and everything worked beautifully....
Just made me overall nervous, like what kind of little audio corruptions are happening that we're not noticing? should we be trashing prefs every hour?
Any thoughts?

PT HDX1 2018.12.0

Sierra 10.12.6
I've had different issues with elastic audio but the cure was the same as yours - trashing preferences. Seems bizarre that that whole section of EA can go easily awry with a corrupted pref file. And why does the pref file even get corrupted in the first place? So strange.
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