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Unhappy Mbox mix knob always plays a drum track,Mbox 2 and Pro-tools LE 8:

Hi there,

So my Mbox 2.... ever since i plugged it in to my computer this morning it will constantly play this drum/bass groovy track thingy, it's like a loop. The problem, however, is that I CANT TURN IT OFF!!! when i was digitizing my tapes from my multi-tracker i was able to turn the 'mix' knob all the way left and the sound was gone. However, for playback the mix needs to be up so i can hear the track play back. BUT: The drum/bass groove-thing is going and i can't get it to go away! I haven't really been able to try very much. I don't really know anything about this program, except how to use it to digitize stuff from my multi-tracker. (It's a tascam Porta-two from 89, and we use it to record our band)

I need to know how to turn this god-damn thing off! It was cool at first, (nice to have something to listen to while the tape is rewinding) but now it's just really annoying.
I use a Macbook 13.3", from 2009 with OSX 10.5.8, 4GB of RAM. It's an MBOX 2, with pro-tools LE 8.
The connections are as follows:
Tascam multitracker to MBOX - dual RCA (red/white) to quarter-inch, input one on the MBOX.
MBOX to Computer - USB 2.0 to USB, 2nd port on the computer.
Also i have headphones from the MBOX headphone out.

I haven't tried any troubleshooting (other than searching for half an hour on the internet, to no avail), because i have little-none experience with this program and i don't want to screw anything up.

Thanks alot, any help would be so appreciated!
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