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Default Re: Shared storage for multiple PT systems

What you've read is, sadly, correct. Our facility has two Avid Adreneline rooms, a FCP/DVD Pro room and four PTHD rooms. The Avid Unity sits in our central machine room and is accessed by the Avids via fibre and the FCP/DVD Pro and PTHD rooms via gigabit.

Of course, the Avids both work in realtime with Unity, as does FCP. PTHD can only access Unity as a 'storage' device not capable of realtime record/playback. Personally, I find this TOTALLY unacceptable!! I came to PTHD from Sonic Solutions and their MediaNet system dating back to the mid-90s. Even a system that old was capable of multiple edit systems recording and playing back from central storage, even with different users accessing the same file at the same time, and that was with old SCSI drives!!

I can record/playback to Unity using Digital Performer, BIAS' Peak, Sonic Studio's soundBlade, even DSP Quattro... but NOT ProTools.

Oddly enough, ProTools will not work with software RAID configurations, either. It must use locally mounted drives. Our way around this was to use Ultra320 SCSI drives in Rorke (Storcase) racks and removable sleds. Even with that, we RARELY move drives from room-to-room.

We actually fall back on Netopia's Timbuktu Pro for file transfers and remote control of other systems. Info at
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