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Default Re: Digi/System Output

Originally posted by SoundWrangler:
Look further down on the same page where you downloaded 5.3.1 (here) there's an updated ver. of the WaveDriver.
<font size="2" face="Verdana, Arial">This may be a stupid question, but those plugins listed on this page, are they free? I heard that in the 5.3.1.-update the usual plugins are already included. The list on the page contains a whole lot of additional plugins. Is this a long awaited availability of 3rd party software that we now can download for free (I did), or can I expect a huge bill now?

Btw., I downloaded the 5.3.1. update, but I have no Win XP cdrom yet. If all this software is really available for free, then I might consider to upgrade. I mean, the list contains two Focusrite plugs, an Mp3 converter and a lot of stuff more, quite appealing alltogethter. But so far I never had any problems with W98SE, and this little tweakhead here loves so much to have an OS with Internet Explorer torn out, so I have no particular reason to take the step. But if the software on the page listed above comes free with PT 5.3.1., then I'm really having a hard time sticking with W98SE.
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