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Default Re: CPU overload and spikes during tempo change in Pro Tools 11 sessions

Tough to say, but consider:
1-Having a computer with "high specs" is worthless if it includes hardware that isn't compatible with PT Post a Sandra report to reveal hardware details(and have all your normally used stuff connected)
2-what system tweaks have you done(IOW, have you done all the required tweaks yet)?
3-Intel CPU's offer hyperthreading, which for some will work best turned off, while others get better performance with it on. I don't know about AMD, but it might be something to look at.
4-What drive do your sessions live on? If you only have a single physical drive, it needs to be a fast SSD. A spinning drive is not fast enough to handle system AND recording.
5-(more reason to post a Sandra report) how are your drives formatted? How are they partitioned(or are they)?

Look for the link near the top of this(and every) DUC page called Help Us Help You and have a read. Then come back with the Sandra report and the good folks here will try to help
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